Editorial & Writing Services


Also find us here: www.bayroadcreativellc.com

Expert Book Writing and Editing. You want to go out there with the best product possible, whether with a traditional publisher or on your own. Why not work with an accomplished collaborator and editor of NY Times bestselling books to get it right? (Learn more.)

Manuscript Evaluation. Not ready for a full-on edit yet? A professional manuscript evaluation hones in on strengths and weakness in your work and provides helpful guidance for improvement. (Learn more.)

Copywriting. When you’re not face-to-face with your customer, every word counts. Website copy, statuses, and tweets… Headlines, taglines, and banners… Product copy that pops (and SEO copy where you need it)! (Learn more.)

Social Media Strategy. Get your name on the digital map and make people want to engage with–and buy from–you! (Learn more.)

PLUS: Creative Campaigns, Script Development, Video & Other Visuals, and More!

With more than 25 years professional experience, and plenty of satisfied publishing company customers, and others, who have lots of nice things to say, we can help you with all your Creative needs.

Contact Francine LaSala directly: francine@francinelasala.com




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