Select Endorsements

Here are just a few of the nice things people have said after getting a dose of “KCC” from Francine LaSala!

“Brilliant and patient, Francine LaSala helped keep me sane and encouraged me through what I thought was an impossible deadline for my book, and gave me confidence in my writing.”
–Alana Stewart, author of Rearview Mirror

“The insight and passion she brings to every project, the perspective she has to offer both fiction and non-fiction authors, her eye for detail and keen intellect–all of these attributes have made Francine LaSala one of my top go-to writers and editors, and a professional my authors have wanted to work with again and again.”
–Roger Cooper, Vice President, Publisher, Vanguard Press

“As our editor, Francine LaSala gave us the gift of structure, helped us hit the right notes in our narrative, and got us through the process of creating our book with ease and grace.”
–Victoria Jackson & Ali Guthy, authors of Saving Each Other

“Francine LaSala has a great editorial sense and a real talent for bringing out the best in authors, both fiction and non-fiction. She’s a pleasure to work with.”
–Georgina Levitt, Publishing Director, Weinstein Books

Francine LaSala is a talented, dedicated, professional editor, writer, and project manager with whom I have had the pleasure of working for more than fifteen years. She always comes through, delivering high-quality work under sometimes-insane deadlines.”
–Shawna Mullen, Executive Editor, The Taunton Press

“Francine LaSala is a brilliant writer and an absolute pleasure to work with. Her ability to understand my vision and inspiration and synthesize my message into book form is unparalleled.”
Dr. Steve Maraboli, bestselling author and behavioral specialist

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