Make Your Books the Best!

Book Writing, Editing, & Other Manuscript Services

Fiction or nonfiction, Francine LaSala and her team help you build your book idea into your dream project. Here’s how!

 We’ll meet you on the ground level and help you effectively brainstorm your concept to maximize all of its potential.

Proposal & Treatment Creation. 
 This is the tool that gets you through the front door. LaSala has crafted scores of book proposals and treatments.  She’s also worked in acquisitions. She knows what they want to hear and will help you cultivate a marketing  document publishers and producers will swoon over.

Book Development. 
 You have an idea and an outline, but don’t know what to do next? We’ll flesh it out, give it legs, and teach it to dance.

Manuscript Evaluation.  Do you have a work that doesn’t quite work? We can evaluate your work of fiction or nonfiction and give you a comprehensive assessment of strengths and weaknesses, as well as suggestions for improvement.

Line Editing & Developmental Editing.  Do you know how little editing happens to your book once its acquired by a publisher? Whether you have a publisher for your book or not, you want to put your best foot–or page–forward, and a professional editor can help you give your prized work the polish it needs. LaSala has edited New York Times bestselling authors, including Linda Evans, Alana Stewart, Eileen Goudge, Patti Callahan Henry, Doug Clegg, Kat Martin, Syrie James and many more!

Doctoring.  Tried it yourself and are in over your head? Can’t make that project work? Your lifejacket is here! We’ll rescue your project and set it back on track—and we’ll be honest with you. Salvage-worthy or trash-heap, we won’t waste your time.


2010_09_12_3614dFrancine LaSala has authored, collaborated on, and ghostwritten more than 30 nonfiction books, published 2 novels, and completed 4 feature-length scripts. Talk about experienced! She and her team bring more than 20 years of know-how and connect you with the finest professionals in the business.

Experienced. Smart. Candid but caring—if we think your idea won’t fly, we’ll tell you. But we’ll also help you find and foster a brilliant new one.

So if you’re tired of saying, “Hey this could be…” and are ready to see what your idea SHOULD be, contact me today:!

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