Select Publications

The Girl, the Gold Tooth & Everything (Diversion Books)
Rita Hayworth’s Shoes (Diversion Books)

Carny Folk: The World’s Weirdest Sideshow Acts (Kensington)
World’s Greatest Psychics (Kensington)
Mistresses of Mayhem: The Book of Women Criminals (Alpha Books)

In Collaboration
So You Think You Know About Cats? (Kensington)
The Baby Boomers Guide to Sex that Still Sizzles (Alpha Books)
Painted Furniture (Rockport Publishers)

For Book Development / In Silent Collaboration
Rearview Mirror, by Alana Stewart (Vanguard Press; 2012)
Recipes For Life, by Linda Evans (Vanguard Press; 2011)
The Mothers Of Reinvention, by Barbara Machen and Jennifer Pate (Vanguard Press; 2011)
Vitamin O, by Dr. Natasha Valdez (Skyhorse; 2011)
A Little Bit Kinky, by Dr. Natasha Valdez (Broadway Books; 2009)
So You Wanna Be a Mobster?, by John “D.J. Goumba Johnny” Sialiano (Kensington)
Classic Dolls, by Tina Berry (Barnes & Noble Publishing)
Collectibles Record Keeper: Dolls, by Tina Berry (Barnes & Noble)
The Panic Room (novelization), by James Ellison (Newmarket)

As “Maggie Marron”
Junk Food: The Jonas Brothers (Scholastic, Fall 2008)
Britney Spears: Stylin’ (Warner Books)
Ricky Martin (Barnes & Noble Publishing)
The Backstreet Boys (Barnes & Noble Publishing)
Will Smith: From Rap Star to Mega Star (Warner Books)
Christina Aguilera: The Unauthorized Biography (Rizzoli Universe)
The Ultimate Backstreet Boys Quiz Book (Barnes & Noble Publishing)
The Ultimate Britney Spears Quiz Book (Barnes & Noble Publishing)
The Ultimate N Sync Quiz Book (Barnes & Noble Publishing)
Teen Style: Great Looks for Teens (Barnes & Noble Publishing)
N Sync: N Depth (Barnes & Noble Publishing)
AKA Jennifer Garner (iBooks)
Deadly Beauty: The Jennifer Garner Story (iBooks)

CosmoGirl!: About Your Body, CosmoGirl!: About Guys, CosmoGirl!: Beauty, CosmoGirl!: Your Healthy Weight (all Hearst): Compiled books from existing magazine Q&As, as well as created new ones. Organized into chapters, and devised all chapter names and section titles.

Reader’s Digest Looking After Your Body: Contributor to reference book on dealing with health issues after age 50.

Collector’s Compass Barbie®: Re-writer of this book for collector’s series.

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