Book Publishing Services

Want to publish a book but feeling overwhelmed by the publishing process? Francine LaSala’s got some KCC for book publishing, too! (She’s been at it more than 20 years after all.)

* Unparalleled Editing Services. Francine LaSala, in conjunction with professional partners, like Perfect Pen Communications, provides a full compliment of editorial services that make your manuscript picture-perfect! (Click here for more details on manuscript services.)

* A Team of Talented Designers. Yes, your book is judged by its cover. That’s why you need a professional cover designer, and we can help. We’ll discuss vision with you, and then we’ll take care of the rest!

* Formatting for Print and Digital Versions. How your book looks on the inside is also so important in whether or not it will be read, and formatting an interior for print and digital are different animals. We know these animals. We have them well trained. We can help.

* Professional Proofreading. No matter how clean your final manuscript, there will always be typos in the final pass. That’s why proofreaders are essential to the publishing process–and we know proofreaders aplenty. We’ll ensure you won’t go out there looking any less than perfect!

* Crackerjack Copywriting. Headlines, taglines, blurbs, and more, we know how to present your book to the world in the nicest “wrappings” and “ribbons.” (Click here for more details.)

We can have your book up and ready to roll within a month of getting your final manuscript! We can also help you with marketing, publicity, and more. (Click here for details.)

Contact Francine LaSala for more details:

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